Hi, I am so sorry for not writing much these days. rather busy. Wish I had more time to devote to stamps, and aerophilately.  Hope you like this cover. One of my readers just won this from my recent quiz.  Thanks Captain, you cost me again heheheheheh   You will see why the winner will be happy when you check out the catalogue value.

If you missed out then why not have a look at my Bidstart Store listings here    Yes I have to sell a few to cover some costs 🙂

To help promote myself I just had an order for 96 stamps so I must be doing something right 🙂    why not have a look at to see if I stock the country you collect. You may be able to fill a few gaps in your collection at a very good price. And, I think my quality is very good.

Anyway. Have a great weekend.,…   seems early to say that  but I am flying again tomorrow and for next 5 days so wont be back until next week.

Best wishes  and thanks in advance for looking at my Store