Hello,  well it is Friday, finally,  and I am able to make some time to write the blog. Apart from the piece last week – which by the way no one wrote to me about – was it that hard a question? – I have had no time for stamps in the past few weeks


 So here is another cover I hope you enjoy from New Zealand. This was flown by NZNAC on 3rd February 1958 on the first flight from Christchurch to  Auckland on board ZK-BRD a Vickers Viscount named the City of Wellington.   This is a lovely cover with no staining as is often found on these.


I saw this and started reminiscing about be my work many years ago now when I worked with this aircraft  – and as I still think of it, as a wonderful little aircraft. Not so small then of course.  I have flown these many many times, too many to even admit to 🙂  and would love to re-live that one day if it is at all possible.


Anyway, less of my ramblings, if airmail of New Zealand interests you I recommend looking at .. A very interesting and informative site


Have a great weekend