Hi, another cover tonight  which I hope you will enjoy seeing. And a prize of a few Hong Kong aviation stamps if you can answer these three questions. My friend, the Captain, used to fly a shuttle service across Cook Strait in New Zealand when he first started flying. He said that this stretch of water could be one of the roughest and most turbulent areas he has flown in.

Wellington airport, being a short runway and surrounded by hills, could also throw up a challenge as well, because of the winds that would buffet the airport at times. He has come up with the questions for the quiz:

1. What was the name of the Airline that ran a regular freighter service  between Blenheim and Wellington up to the early 1980’s?

2. What did the initials stand for?

3. What type of aircraft did they use?

Ok there is a challenge. just reply  with answers to, and please include your mailing address. I will send a set of the 1984 Aviation in Hong Kong stamps –  high catalogue value I might add – to the first correct entry.

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