Hello, a few topics tonight. The cover above of course. I picked this up at an auction recently. Lovely condition. Just one of those fanciful ideas that it would be nice in my aviation collection. I think it will be. Interestingly I noted in top left hand corner what appears to be the letters VH-EBI..  Well that has to be an error as the aircraft that flew this inaugural, as surely we all know, ( big smile) was VH-EBE. Have a look at this and see some brilliant pictures of this plane and some history at the same time.

I am on an A380 to Sydney in 10 days yet seeing this makes me wish I could fly on one of these just once to experience the thrill. – oh ok..perhaps not in economy 🙂

Anyway, talking of flying experiences, do have a look at this link.  A 767 – yes Captain I know you wouldn’t have bounced it like that 🙂 but the weather in UK recently has been pretty bad. I am surprised they didn’t divert if it was that bad.

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Enjoy..  Best wishes… Michael