Hello,  something different tonight and the first time I have posted an envelope without a stamps on it I think. And the first time I have posted a crash cover.  This was a cover I got in an auction here in Hong Kong a few weeks ago. It will be part of an Exhibition frame I am preparing, yes on aviation and aerophilately over the past 100 years

It is a 1953 metered  aerogram from Hong Kong to England from the “Comet” crash, showing violet “Salvaged Mail/Comet Crash near Calcutta/2nd May 1953” in very fine condition (considering it was from a plane crash of course).  This crash was recorded as the first Comet crash but in fact was the second in which there were fatalities. The first being on 3 March 1953, when a new Canadian Pacific Airlines Comet 1A failed to get airborne.while attempting a night takeoff from Karachi, Pakistan, on a delivery flight to Australia.  

So this was the from the first commercial flight crash. 

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