Hello, tonights stamp is from the Seychelles as you can see. It was one of a set of 5 issued in 1971 to commemorate the opening of the new airport. 

The actual official opening of the airport took place on 20 March 1972 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II although a BOAC Super VC10 was the first jet aircraft to land at the airport on 4 July 1971.

I found this in a stamp dealers in Mong Kok at the weekend and thought of my very good friend and sea plane pilot and thought you might like to see it.

You will see I think, if you enlarge the image, it is annotated as a Consolidated Catalina. The Consolidated Catalina was an American flying boat, and later an amphibious aircraft of the 1930s and 1940s produced by Consolidated Aircraft. It was one of the most widely used seaplanes of World War II. In fact in total 3300 were built.

I wonder if anyone knows how it got its name, the Catalina ?????    for a great read have a look at I am sure you will enjoy reading this.