Hello,today, after a few hours wandering the stamp arcade in Mong Kok, here in Hong Kong, and finding some nice covers, including this one I thought it time to write again.

This was issued in 1984  to commemorate the development of aviation in Hong Kong. 

4 lovely stamps. On the 40c stamp is the Dorado. This was one of the Imperial Airways fleet of twelve DH 86A aircraft which started international flights in Hong Kong, arriving in March 1936 from Penang.

On the $1 stamp is a the Pan Am “Hong Kong” clipper, one of the regular Clippers used by Pan Am when they started a regular service to Manila in 1937.

The $1.30 stamps shows a Cathay Pacific 747 and the $5 stamp shows the balloon in which the Baldwin brothers from America made their ascent from happy Valley (here in Hong Kong) on January 3rd 1891.

And from the SG catalogue I see the $5 stamp is listed at £11. Click image to enlarge.  🙂

Hope you had a great philatelic weekend.