This 44¢ New Sweden stamp, commemorates the 350th anniversary of the settlement of New Sweden by Swedish and Finnish colonists.  It was the first three-nation joint issue in which the U.S. participated, and it became postally obsolete in only five days – quicker than any previous U.S. stamp. 

It was part of a set of three which also included included  the 45¢ stamp showing Aviation pioneer Samuel P. Langley and the 
36¢ Igor Sikorsky stamp which commemorated the life of this leading aircraft designer. Sikorsky built the first practical single-rotor helicopter. I have them somewhere and if I come across them will show them in future posts.

And, for those of you like me who didn’t know this history I thought I would show what I found in Wkipedia.  

New Sweden was a Swedish colony along the lower reaches of Delaware River in North America from 1638 to 1655 in the present-day American Mid-Atlantic states of Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Fort Christina, now in Wilmington, Delaware, was the first settlement

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