Hi, I hope you enjoy seeing this lovely first flight cover. One I picked from random from my stock. It is in absolutely stunning condition and considering it is was carried on the flight nearly 75 years ago I think that is pretty impressive and, well done to whoever had it before me.

On 26 March 1939 Pan American made its first trial transatlantic flight from Botwood Newfoundland to Foynes using a Boeing 314 (named Yankee Clipper by PanAm) with a scheduled flight time of about 29 hours.The first scheduled heavier-than-air passenger-carrying flights were Pan American’s Boeings in summer 1939.

The Northern Route was only flown in the summer and the route was New York – Shediac (Canada) – Botwood (Newfoundland) – Foynes (Ireland) – Southampton. It was fortnightly.

The first flight left New York at 8.21 am on 24 June 1939 and arrived at 3.40 pm that afternoon at Shediac in New Brunswick, Canada. The next stop was Botwood in Newfoundland, but fog meant that the Boeing B314 Yankee Clipper could not fly there from Shediac until 12.49 on 27 June arriving in Botwood at 7.25pm.

Of interest to you maybe note the cover was postally cancelled just over 4 hours before the flight left New York. Also the reverse of the cover is beautifully back-stamped in Botwood dated 27 June.

I hope you like the picture of a Boeing 314 below. They must have been quite exciting days.


Have a great weekend.   Michael