Found this today while looking through a box of covers. What is rather nice about this copy, at least in my view, is that it was flown Jamaica to London and has extra 2d and  2 1/2d stamps. Other copies of the Tercentenary cover I have see are flown just to the US.

The stamps are the 2d, 1/2d ,  3d and 6d  tercentenary issues of 1955 (SG 155 – 159) and show the Man of War at Port Royal, Old Montegro Bay, Old Kingston, and Abolition of Slavery Proclaimed 1838, respectively .  Two nice Kingston oval cancels.

I am looking to get more covers up on my Flyingcovers web site this coming year, one reason why I am looking through my old boxes of stock. If aerophilatelic covers interest you please have a look. This grungy old site is up for rebuild as well in 2014. Going to be a philatelic year I hope:-) 

Best wishes…. Michael