Hello, Hope this finds everyone well and looking forward to Christmas. I fly back to Sydney in a few days and am grateful the planes these days get wherever they are going quicker than the aircraft many years ago. I chose this cover to show you because it was a December first flight.

This cover would have taken a few hours to fly the Auckland Sydney route back then in 1959 I expect. I had hoped to find some information about this first flight for you but in the limited time I have tonight all I can find is many listings of such covers on eBay and other  auction sites. Anyone have any of the history please write to me  as I would be interested to learn more.

So for now, thanks for reading my blog this past year. I am trying to get my website updated. A slow process but in the new year I hope to have with a new and modern look and feel. And lots of great offers to aerophilately collectors.

Best wishes.. Michael