Hello, yes I am back, in fact back online as I  had no internet for past 4 days. When iCable work they are good, but when they don’t they are awful.  Anyway I had more time to sort stamps and this is one I found. Nothing too exciting really, but I thought I would show it anyway.

Reminds me I am flying back to Sydney in four weeks time and on one of these in fact.  Interesting aircraft in many ways.Certainly very nice to fly on. Well with Virgin Atlantic it is. Yes, it is an A340-600.

As you probably know it is a long-range four-engine wide-body jet. It seats up to 440 passengers in the stretched −600 series. Depending on the model, it has a range of between 12,400 to 17,000 km.  It is similar in design to the twin-engined A330 which I normally fly on with Cathay and with which it was concurrently designed.  Now for one of the distinguishing features  – it has a three bogie main landing gear. Bet you didn’t know that Captain. 🙂   hehehehe 

Oh, and the stamp. SG 2284 issued in 2002 as one of a set of 5 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of passenger jet aviation.

Happy stamp collecting and flying  .. Michael