As for stamps, this is the best I could find of  a Boeing 777 on a stamp. Interesting since I cannot identity the airline. Anyone know of it?

Send me an email and maybe I will find a flight cover for you, as a thank you, if you include your mailing address of course and are the first email I receive.

But why this theme tonight. well I read today that Emirates has place an order for 150 777X airplanes. That is the biggest airplane order ever, and it will make the plane the biggest launch order in history. if that is not enough aircraft, Emirate have purchase rights to another 50 777Xsx.

Apparently Etihad and Qatar have also placed orders. I hear that Qantas, the only airline I know of in the Asia Pacific region, or Middle East, or Europe or the rest of the world maybe, are looking at the 777,……………..   as they land at Kingsford Smith.   hahahahahahahahaha

and finally, while researching this I found this excellent site.   nothing to do with me but thought I would share with you if you are interested in flight covers.

have a great weekend.