Hi,    well I am back in Hong Kong again. Just arrived a few hours ago on a Cathay flight from Sydney. Very comfortable and lovely crew. I do like their new Premium Economy.  This cover is for the first Air Mail service between Ottawa Canada and Burlington Vermount USA. I wonder how long that flight took in a DC3, which was the aircraft used I think.    for all sorts of information on early US  Canada airmails have a look at I think you will enjoy it. some lovely pictures.

Now to last nights quiz, the first email I received was from Glenn in Canada. (you can visit his really interesting site at  He gave all the correct details about the Uganda stamp I referred to.  namely ….

The aircraft on the top left stamp of the Uganda set is significant because it is the B707 that was destroyed  in the “Raid on Entebbe . ”   In Oct 1978 , the Tanzanian Army attacked and captured Kampala and Entebbe International Airport. In the attack on the airport 5X-UAL  was destroyed beyond repair and written off.  
spot on Glenn. i will get a little surprise in the mail to you over the coming days after I have had some sleep 🙂 
Best wishes everyone.   Michael