Hi, how was your weekend? Hope it good and if you are in NSW, Australia I hope you are free from the awful fires that are burning, or if they impact you I wish safety and health to you all. If you are in the Philippines in Bohol or Cebu I am also thinking of you and hope things are ok or as best they can be given the terrible circumstances you have had to deal with after the earthquake. I am sure there are many other places sadly affected in some sort of way but those two are closest to me at the moment.

Ok to stamps. Another se-tenant pair from the Isle of Man 1997 issue I showed last night. They show a BAe ATP and a BAe 146-200 and celebrate the 15th Anniversary on Manx Airlines. This airline existed from 1982 to 2002. A chequered history it seems and they didn’t get their ATPs (3 of them with the very appropriate tail numbers of G_MANA, G-MANB, and  G-MANC) until 1988 and I  don’t think they had their one  146-200’s that long either. 

What will be on the other stamps from this issue?   Read me tomorrow to find out 🙂

Best wishes.. Michael