Tonight these brilliant stamps from the Isle of Man. Issued in 1997 to commemorate Manx aircraft. These are two of the set of 8. issued se-tenant, 4 pairs that is. The two 31p values show the Farman Biplane and the Boeing 757.  click on image to enlarge.

I see one of these every few weeks if not more often.  (well a replica that is, but a flying one which last flew in 1997)   Anyone know why? No prize, it is probably too easy a question. I will give a clue. It was the first powered aircraft to be flown in Hong Kong as far as I know. On March 18th 1911, which was a few months earlier than the first powered flight in the Isle of Man. That took place on July 4 1911 and was made by Claude Graham-White, in his Farman biplane 

Tomorrow another pair from the set.

Have a great weekend. Oh, and if you collect Isle of Man stamps and have some gaps in your collection please enjoy looking at where today I loaded 136 MUH sets, covering the period from 1985 to 2006. Some really lovely stamps I think.

Best wishes.. Michael