A new theme for a few days as I have a few lovely covers, that means in Post Office fresh condition, that  I am listing in my Bidtstart store and I thought I would show them to you because I think they are worth seeing. They will be listed by the end of the week, just search ‘aircraft’

This is one postmarked from Nunawading in Victoria. 

i won’t write too much on this tonight as short of time but I do recommend reading this website  really great work by whoever… I didn’t see.   brilliant in my view and I will write to him and try to get linked up.

In April 1931, Imperial Airways planned two experimental airmails from London to Melbourne and return. This was the first official air mail between Great Britain and Australia.

Letters could be addressed to New Zealand and were accepted in New Zealand for the two return flights from Australia. Carriage between Australia and New Zealand was by sea. A major reason for the flight was that the Dutch had already established an air route from Amsterdam to the Dutch East Indies and were planning a flight to Australia.

What I did see was that  the 1931 stamp ( see above) had nothing to do with the Australia-UK airmail. It was issued on 19 March 1931, i.e. before the airmail flight took place.