Hello, I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. A storm is moving in as I write. A typical Hong Kong storm. Winds are getting stronger, the sky is getting black but the good news is I have been out and down my shopping so time for some stamps while it pours outside.

I was reading about the 787 the other day and saw that for the Air Canada 75th Anniversary, with the debut of the 787 Dreamliner (this was back in March 2012 I should add) , there was the release of a series of Canada Post Pictures Postage stamps. I cannot find any further reference to them, nor can I find images. Can anyone help me?  …..send images or tell me where to get the stamps, if indeed they are stamps and not just cards.

And today I was looking through some stock I am eventually going to list in my Bidstart store, and thought you might enjoy seeing the cover at the top.

Have a great weekend  and if it is raining where you are why not have a look at   Enjoy….    Michael