Hi, so much for my thoughts about writing more often. another week shot past. I did go to Hong Kong for a day so that took three days out of the week. Wonderful visit but too short really and certainly no time for the Mong Kok stamp arcade. Lovely flight on Qantas  there, and ok flight back. It was a night flight and sadly I did not sleep much. The drone of those 747 engines eh LOL..   I do prefer the A380 🙂  As for stamps tonight I found these while sorting today so thought would show all four and ask which would be your favourite. I know which is mine. Easy really given the designs I think by now you know I like.

My last quiz was one I thought I would get more responses to. About the Piper Cub.  For some interesting reading on this ;little plane I recommend a browse of   As for the answer to my quiz question. it is here…

best wishes to you all..

Best wishes.. Michael