Hello, you know what it is like when you get engrossed in something, everything else tends to take a back seat, and my blog writing has taken a back seat while I have been sorting stamps, cataloging them. scanning them and loading them to my Bidstart store. Of course that could be good news for you because I maybe able to help you fill gaps in your collection at very reasonable prices.

Anyway, about this stamp from New Zealand  I found (not yet listed but will be in a day or two)  Hope you enjoy seeing it.

The Boeing seaplane: The B & W was the first Boeing product, named after the initials of its designers, William Boeing and Navy Lt. Conrad Westervelt.

The first B & W, completed in June 1916, was made of wood, linen and wire. Similar to the Martin trainer that Boeing owned, the B & W had, among other improvements, better pontoons and a more powerful engine.

The two B & Ws were offered to the U.S. Navy. When the Navy did not buy them, they were sold to the New Zealand Flying School and became the company’s first international sale. The B & Ws later were used for New Zealand express and airmail deliveries, set a New Zealand altitude record of 6,500 feet on June 25, 1919, and made that country’s first official airmail flight on Dec. 16, 1919.