Hello,  well yes it has been a while since I last wrote.. just where does the time go I ask myself. Like you I am busy  doing things, like cutting grass – it rains and then the sun shines, then it rains again and the sun shines again so the grass grows even more..  seems I have to cut the grass every week. And I have a few acres to cut so it takes some time. In between I look at, sort, and list my stamps for my listings on Bidstart.  As you will know from reading my past writings this is my new “hobby”  well I have always sold – small time – but am trying to do more.  I really like Bidstart. I find it easy to use and I hope it becomes more popular now that Stanley Gibbons owns it.  As I have written before – sorry for repeating myself but maybe you are a new reader –  all you have to do when you have open my Store  – 


is type the SG number into the “Search Store For” field and see if I have that stamp listed.  I have just over 3500 stamps listed now, mostly Australia, GB, Canada, Norfolk Island, Christmas Island,  USA, Rhodesia, PNG but many more..     If you are looking for imperf stamps just type imperf, or if you are looking for self adhesive, just type adhesive.. you will see all ( I think) stamps listed in these categories.   Bidstart  is, in my view,  a very good site

I have not started listing Aviation  / Aerophilatelic materials yet.. Maybe something I will do in the future. 

Since I have not written for a while, that means I have not had a competition either. so how about this to get you thinking ………… as a prize I will send the Cover  shown above. All expenses paid by me. Just email me the answer to with your mailing address please.  I  will randomly select a winner on Sunday 28th April.

Four  part question:    Cannot make it too easy these covers are selling on eBay from $10 and up……………. what is the Coral Route,  what aircraft type did the TEAL survey flight for the route, in what year, and what was the aircraft registration, 

And if you collect and have some gaps in your collection and only want to buy the stamp(s) to fill that / those  gap(s)  I hope you have time to visit my Store.   Postage and packing is basically at cost  and with recent Australia Post overseas prices increases I have not passed that on.  Have a look if nothing else, you will see I mostly list VFU,  95% of my material is VFU, the rest I give away or bin!!   


Best wishes, and sorry not written for a while…………..  Michael