Hello,  time  goes past so quickly doesn’t it. 5 years ago I was getting ready to fly to Singapore for the inaugural Singapore Airlines A380  to London. Now 5 years later I am doing another journey to London but this time through Hong Kong and Seoul. Will be flying a Qantas A380 to Hong Kong,  then a KE to Seoul and a KE 777 to London  –  Nice aircraft, and  business class of course – just love KE really good service – , well got to use my FF points haven’t I   🙂     Would prefer direct on SQ A380 from Sydney  but not enough points, and anyway even if I had them I have friends to see in HKG 🙂 so HKG wins anyway. Will also spend time there in HKG visiting some stamps shops and see if I can collect some material.  I really like the Mong Kok stamp arcade.

So I hope you like this cover. Pretty special in my humble view. and for more special flown covers – I mean really flown and signed and with pictures of the crew, and me, signing the covers   ( this cover signed by the Captain, and  I have others  signed by the crew – please visit my web site page at

Enjoy your stamps and your flying. I may not be writing for a few weeks with all the travelling I have ahead of me.. will try  though  

Best wishes… Michael