Hello,      I will be travelling overseas in a few days, spending time in Hong Kong and UK.  Hopefully will visit a few stamp stores.  For sure in Hong Kong.  The reason I am telling you this is, if you buy from my Bidstart store during next three days I will mail your order before I leave. If after three days then there will be a few weeks delay in my sending your order.

 Motivation to buy??? well quality and a chance to fill some gaps in your collection at very  good prices. AND, you can get the Hong Kong 100 years of Powered Flight MS for free wit your order. No other conditions. 🙂 

 You can find me at seller ID michaelatcddstamps at or just click this link   easy as 🙂   but take some time as I now have 2300+ lots listed…   with an …. excellent selection of GB, Australia, Canada, older USA, Rhodesia, Fiji, PNG, Norfolk Island, and so much more 

I hope you enjoy looking and that you  keep me really busy before my flights. As some of you will know I do my very best to get current Australia commemorative stamps hand franked on the letters I send to you so you get collectible stamps from me on my letters

I may write while overseas. If not…..  best wishes and enjoy your stamps.