Hello, well I did some research but to be honest have little to report other than I  spent a few hours reading so many web sites and so much history of PAL and PAA flights.   try this site   awesome detail

and this  the home page

so can you shed some light on these inaugural covers ( see last nights posting) . This one  part of the series  to Hawaii  from Manila. Stunning condition for so old a cover.

One inaugural reference I did read about was this  …..”May 29, 1948 

PAL begins flying two newly acquired DC6s across the Pacific. The new aircraft enabled PAL to reduce the trans-Pacific crossing to 30 hours from 41 on the DC-4s, by eliminating Kwajelein and making stops only at Guam, Wake and Honolulu”…..

these are the covers from that flight..    to Wake (yesterdays cover), Hawaii (above) and tomorrow the San Francisco cover …………. 65 years ago..  and still in pristine condition I am happy to say 

Enjoy  ………  Michael