Hello, well another week just shot past. I cut so much grass, I catalogued lots of  stamps and made a few phone calls. That sums it up really 🙂    What about aviation on stamps you ask. Well I did find quite a few lovely issues while going through various albums and I have shown you some but my  favourite find  was one set I did not have; which I found on eBay. Yes I weakened and bought it. Not arrived yet  but this is best image I can get for now 

Hope you like these as much as I do. Issued on 5th June 1968 to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Charles Kingsford Smith’s Pacific flight via Fiji.  What is interesting ( well to me anyway), is that only one stamp, the 1/- stamp,  shows his aircraft,  and with crew, but the others show aircraft not even around in 1928. For example the HS 748 shown on the 6d stamps did not fly until…………………. oh …  here is a quiz     day month year ..anyone know??? and from what airfield..usual answer to with your mailing address please..I do not keep addresses…. and does anyone have a view as to why Fiji would issue such a commemorative set with only one stamp relevant to the occasion being commemorated?……..or have i missed something….. I mean, today we are seeing every Postal Authority you can imagine using any anniversary possible for justification for issuing stamps..but back in 1968 it was not like ( I am told 🙂  hahahahahah)     

enough of my ramblings.. I will keep the rest of my thoughts to myself…. for now 🙂

have a great weekend.. Look forward to hearing from you all..