Hello, Hope you are enjoying the aircraft and stamps I am showing ..      I am sorting all my surplus stock and listing on Bidstart….(seller ID michaelatcddstamps)   part of my fund raising for the BA A380 inaugural later this year I hope..   anyway I came across this today..  Lovely stamp. As I have said many times before I do so like to see the classic designs.

This was  issued in 1962 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the first airmail service  between London and Rhodesia.  yes, just over 50 years ago.     

Lovely set actually, of three stamps.  Will show tomorrow….I have them somewhere…I think……..  But what aircraft were shown on the four stamps????  and what airline????    First correct answer with mailing address to  will win something..maybe from Fiji.. let me see what I have…  ( last comp there was no winner as there were only two entries and I said prize to 5th correct answer,,Sorry

Enjoy your aerophilately…. Best wishes… Michael