Hello,   found a spare copy of this pair while sorting today and so I thought maybe they would make a good prize for someone 🙂  

Hope you like these.

Yours if you are 5th correct answer  to and include your mailing address please. I know I always ask but I really don’t keep track of addresses given the mail I get.


These were issued to commemorate the first official air mail services between Australia and New Zealand and between Australia and Papua New Guinea. Both stamps carry the 45c denomination which was the Zone 1 air mail rate for standard letters at the time. All very interesting I hear you thinking 🙂  Ok,  the quiz question. Who piloted both inaugural flights?  Name of this person please.

PS yes I blanked out his name from the stamps;  don’t want it too easy do I.  They are not damaged I can assure you. Winner will receive a VFU copy