Hello, how are you all?   Well I hope. Sorting aerophilatelic materials? I will be soon as I picked up an interesting lot at an auction yesterday. Will be showing you some material from it in coming weeks.  Keep reading 🙂

The stamps tonight are really quite special don’t you agree. The Australian Aviators issue from 1978. Surprise prize to Glen from Canada who won the last competition. An  Imperf sheet. I don’t have one of these in my Bidstart store but I do have some other lovely aviation themed stamps from Australia – do have a look. I would guess some difficult higher value stamps there you don’t have.  Bidstart seller Id is michaelatcddstamps   but surely you know that by now 🙂 but I have to say in case I get some new readers.. dream on eh!!!!

Oh and the answer to the last quiz,  the difference on my boarding cards was about Virgin Australia moving from DJ designator to VA.  Sounds like a simple task doesn’t it.  If only it were, but all went very well I must say.  Well done to all who got it correct.

Have a great weekend… Mchael