Hello, I read this article in the newspaper today and thought it would be interesting to share with you . Also a good theme to show some aircraft on stamps. In particular the Britten Norman Islander. Lovely aircraft which I have flown on many years ago with Loganair and believe it or not from Sumburgh to one of the islands in the Shetlands, although not Westray of Papa Westray.

A Scottish airline has won a contract to operate the world’s shortest flight, on a route in the Orkney Islands where journeys can last as little as 47 seconds. My comment; actually I think you will find that is wheels off to wheels down in very good wind as the flight is scheduled for 2 minutes. But you can expect nothing less than exaggeration from a journalist writing a headline, I guess!!!!)

The regional airline Loganair will continue to operate flights between Westray and Papa Westray islands, fending off competition from two rival operators.

The distance between the two locations stands at slightly more than a mile (1.6km) and can be travelled in as little as 47 seconds depending on the direction of the wind.

The Scottish airline has been running the world’s shortest flight since the start of its inter-island service in the region in 1967. The flight between Westray and Papa Westray is currently priced at £21 ($A32) return.

At the other end of the spectrum, the world’s longest lasting flight, running between Singapore and New York on Singapore Airlines, is expected to stop its services at the end of this year.

Qantas will then become the airline flying the world’s longest route by distance, with its flights from Sydney to Dallas-Fort Worth covering 13,804 kilometres.
And try this link to see the flight. Enjoy Michael http://www.cddstamps