Hello everyone, sorry been a while since I posted………. been rather busy here in Brisbane on a really exciting and challenging and rewarding piece of work, which I have to say has gone remarkably well considering the enormity of it and the complexity of it. Credit to some great people and what is in my view a really good airline. If you know me well enough you will know what it is, and since you haven’t read too much bad press you will know how successful it has been šŸ™‚

Anyway, thought I would write to let you know I am alive and well šŸ™‚ and to show you this stamp and aircraft I found while browsing the internet.

Nothing to say about it other than one day I would like to fly in one of these just to experience what I can only imagine is a thrill.

Best wishes

Oh and if you have bought from my Bidstart Store as I know many have this past few weeks please be patient I will back in Sydney on 22nd and will give priority to mailing your lots. seller id michaelatcddstamps at Bidstart.com still many lots .. no auction just “buy now” price all at 5% to 20% catalogue.