Hello, hope you all are having a lovely day. Just finished some gardening and now time for stamps. I have a 2 inch thick pile of Hagners with stamps on which I have collected over the years. Stamps I pick up somewhere just never get catalogues. I found the above, issued by Saudi Arabia in 2004. No idea how I came across it but nice to have for my aircraft collection. I hope you enjoy seeing it. Can you identify the aircraft without checking the catalogue. Be honest 🙂 No prize for this one, it is too easy 🙂

As for all those stamp I am slowing clearing my overstock, which is most of the stamps on the Hagners. Some very good deals therefore as I basically I start the lots to sell to cover admin and postage costs. Have a look at my eBay listings.. many are closing in 24 hours and with no bids at the moment you will be very happy with what you can get. you will find me at michaelatcddstamps.

Enjoy Best wishes.. Michael