Hello, I got a letter from Guernsey today and this was one of the stamps on the envelope. This show a de Haviland DH89A Dragon Rapide as it was then in the BEA fleet, and named Sir Henry Lawrence. The de Haviland D.H. 89 Dragon Rapide was a British short-haul passenger airliner of the 1930s. Designed late in 1933 as a faster and more comfortable successor to the D.H. 84 Dragon. The D.H. 89 Dragon Rapide went on to become the most successful British built commercial passenger aircraft of the 1930s. Due to its reliability and versatility the D.H. 89 Dragon Rapide saw considerable service as a liaison and military passenger aircraft during World War II.

I tried Google search but could not find anything more about the aircraft other than it was scrapped on July 1959.

Anyone know more I wold be interested to hear from you

Enjoy your aviation and stamps………. Michael …