Hello,   yes been a few days since I last wrote. I have been working in Brisbane and had real trouble with accessing a network from my motel. Probably Firewalls or something so no postings last week. An update first. Well done to John from Sanchez Mira in the Philippines… closest guess for my seat number on the flight from Hong Kong last week.  He guessed 36A  I was actually in 36B.  Stamp selection on their way to you. Others pretty close. so thanks everyone for writing.



This week I have been flying Virgin Australia. Very good. And the wine in the lounge is excellent 🙂   They fly 737-800s SYD-BNE.    quite comfortable and I even sleep on the flight up to Brisbane. well who wouldn’t at 7am in the morning 🙂  I am not aware of any Virgin aircraft on a stamp but I do know of this one.   Hope you like it


Finally, While waiting for my flight in Brisbane I saw these two aircraft on the ramp.  


Anyone know what they are?   To win a prize you have to send me a picture of this aircraft type on a stamp. 🙂  there, that should challenge you 🙂   All correct entries will get a prize…    just don’t forget to include your mailing address please.    

And please keep reading,  I am planning something special for Christmas 🙂  Enjoy



Best wishes.. Michael