Hello, thanks for responses to the Romania stamp I showed last night. Nothing really to add to what I wrote but useful catalogue references. Thanks

Tonight some nostalgia for me. This stamp was, however it happened, on the table here. Lovely aircraft. Anyone remember it or see one? I worked as aircraft dispatcher and load control with this when I was a boy 🙂 it seemed so big at the time 🙂 What was its real name 🙂 I know you can easily research this but what was its nickname? write to me at I look forward to hearing from you. Some details to whet your appetite.

And, I bet you didn’t know this: The Argosy Series 100 entered service with the American cargo airline Riddle Airlines,(who??? Tell me you have heard of that airline:-) who planned to use them to meet contracts to provide logistics support to the United States Air Force within the United States, at the end of 1960, Riddle purchasing seven Argosies. When Riddle lost the logistics contract in 1962, its Argosies were repossessed by Armstrong Whitworth and sold on to other airlines who had taken over the contracts from Riddle.

BEA ordered Armstrong Whitworth’s three remaining Series 100s as a stopgap until it could receive its definitive Series 220s, for which it placed an order for five in 1964. It lost two Series 220s in crashes and purchased another to replace the lost aircraft. The small fleet of Argosies remained unprofitable, even when BEA received the more capable series 220s, and BEA withdrew its Argosy fleet in April 1970, replacing them with a freighter conversion of its Vickers Vanguards. Now that was another aircraft I will show and talkabout in future writings 🙂

Have a great weekend… Michael