Hello, well seems people know their stamps. Last nights winner was from Hong Kong. Well done. Yes I was looking for the answer that the other variety of the stamp was a blue copy. Well done. Prize will be mailed tomorrow

Tonight another lovely stamp, in my view. Seems to me the designs I like are all 1940’s to 60’s. I must look for something more modern and see what I can surprise you with. Or maybe you would like to send me a scan of a stamp you think has a lovely design.

This from Chile, obviously, and it was issued in 1955. It show a Morane Saulier MS 760 Paris. This was a French four (or six) seat jet trainer and liaison aircraft built of course by Morane Saulnier. This aircraft was used by the French military between 1959 and 1997. And here is a picture of a real one!!

Enjoy your aviation stamps.. Hope you can send me a scan of your favourite stamp