Hello, for a minute there I thought I had a stamp with some catalogue value. But sadly no. This one is SG 1370, issued in 1951.

Last nights competition was won by Chitturi Vamsi from India who sent in the first correct answer. Sorry to others who also got the correct answer which was VP-CBD and VP-CBE. so another chance. and a new rule.. you cannot win the prize twice in the same week, lets share around the goodies eh!!!

This glider by the way, is an Arsenal Air 100. Now my pilot friend has no doubt flown in it or similar. He is old enough after all hahahahahahahaha … 🙂 It is actually a competition sailplane and was made in the 1940’s. It flew for the first time on 10 June 1947 and I know you can all read about it from a google search, and for more interesting reading do have a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arsenal_Air_100 really interesting I think.

But for another quiz, ok what would it take for a stamp of this design and same year of issue to be worth a lot more than the catalogue value of 30p that this copy has? email me at cddstamps@gmail.com

Best wishes.. Michael