Hello, I hope everyone is well and you enjoy seeing this stamp. Came across it today. Lovely design, I hope you agree. An Air Ceylon DC4 flying over Ratamalana Airport I believe. Issued in 1950. There was a 1958 issue but I don’t have that. Anyone got a spare they want to donate to my aviation collection πŸ™‚ just email me if you do. Now for a quiz I think. Probably too easy but lets try. Air Ceylon international services commenced in 1949 using two DC-4s. What were their registrations? I will find a treat for the first correct answer to cddstamps@gmail.com

Oh and thought you might like to see this picture as well.

My aviation collection is coming along nicely but I do have plenty of gaps. If anyone wants to donate a stamp or two with aircraft on them please email me for posting address details. I do hope to hear from you πŸ™‚

Best wishes..Michael