Hello, Hope you like this one tonight. Of course we all know the white aircraft, a Concorde. Wonderful aircraft which sadly I never flew on although I did go on the aircraft many times as I worked on the entry into service of this plane with British Airways….. I was 10 at the time hahahahahah we started young in those day 🙂

Anyway I saw this stamp while sorting all my aviation / aircraft thematic collection. Lots of them on hagners and in random boxes; about time they had an album home so I am cataloguing them.

What about the other plane on this stamp. I am not going to be too helpful this time, you work out country and year and you might work out the aircraft.. not that the dates are in anyway related. To win a 100 Great Britain Commemoratives randomly selected by me pleas email me at cddstamps@gmail.com your mailing address and tell me what year was this plane introduced into service with Air France, How many passengers could it carry, what is the aircraft type and how many were built. 🙂 Now I just know someone will get it correct as one or more of you always do; so I will randomly select an email this coming Friday ( end of my day) from all who reply with correct answers. Gives you a few days to do your research. Enjoy 🙂

I have given you two good clues OK 🙂

Best wishes.. Michael