hello, welcome to November.. where does the time go? Well something different today. Not stamps but a tram and a plane. Why. because a friend sent me the Tram picture from Hong Kong today. Cool 🙂 quick easy quiz.. how many Hello Kitty aircraft do Eva Air have? I wonder if I can find a Hello Kitty gift.. probably not.. will send something. Oh and to those of you still waiting for prizes.. I think I posted all outstanding ones this week. 🙂 I may take time sometimes, sorry, I just get so busy and sort of lose track,, so sorry. but hey its free so you don’t mind do you 🙂 If I have not replied to an entry you didn’t win. Sorry I cvannot write to everyone I hope you understand. I found even more emails unanswered mail when I cleaned my in-box today.

Anyway. address and number of aircraft. to cddstamps@gmail.com and I have to mention.. have you looked at my eBay Lots at user id michaelatcddstamps. Tonight I will be putting up some aviation covers, if I get around to it.. but there are 25 other lots listed at the moment, all but one starting bid is 99c. steal. have a look and see if I am right or wrong.

Have a great weekend… Michael