Hello everyone, three topics tonight. First I hope you like the stamps above. Regular readers will recall three weeks ago I showed the copy I had in my collection. (The left hand copy) I now have this pair. You can see the variety quite clearly in the right hand copy

It is New Zealand SG 671, from the 1946 Peace issue. You may recall I wrote that on the copy I had the rudder on the flying boat (a Short S.30 Modified “G” Class flying boat) was missing. So here is the variety with the rudder. I am very happy to have this as you can imagine.

I got it on eBay at a fair price. And if you look at eBay you will see some bargains, especially from me 🙂 as I have listed many lots. Most start at 99c US Have a look. and keep looking, make me a favourite seller as I will be listing more over the coming weeks. Material I don’t need or am not interested in. I just want it to go to a good home, so to speak.

And finally, want to chat about stamps, or philatelic matters, even to me 🙂 the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association Inc. will be holding a round the world, 24 hour Halloween chat this weekend. Everyone is welcome. Hope to see you there at: IPDA Just click on “IPDA chat page” and the “chat now” button it brings up. Feel free to log in as your favorite Halloween character. I will be hosting for an hour from midnight Australia time on Sunday night, that is 1pm Saturday GMT. I hope to see you there.