Hello, just a lovely stamp I found while tidying my study. Well I hope you agree. If not tell me why 🙂

This was issued in 1992 to commemorate the opening of the international air terminal and shows a montage of the airliners of Air Malta.

Malta International Airport is the only airport in Malta. It is located between Luqa and Gudja. It occupies the location of the former RAF Luqa and was completely re-furbished, becoming fully operational on 25 March 1992. It is still referred to by locals as Luqa Airport, and sometimes as Valletta Airport internationally, as it is located 5 km (3.1 mi) southwest[1] of the Maltese capital Valletta. I remember Valletta well as I played soccer there many years ago. Oh how stamps help me reminisce 🙂

have a lovely weekend….. Michael