Hello, hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, with time for flying or stamps, or both. Me? just stamps. Found this while looking through some old material. Hope you like it.

It is New Zealand SG 671, from the 1946 Peace issue. It shows an Avro Type 683 Lancaster (top left), Supermarine Spitfire Mk I (lower left), Short S.30 Modified “G” Class flying boat (top right) and an Avro Type 685 York. This stamp is from an issue of 11 stamps, this one with aircraft and if you look carefully you will see the rudder on the flying boat is missing….. sadly this is the normal variety. A copy with the rudder completed is catalogued at about £10 GB I believe. would be nice to get a copy. My eBay research for this evening perhaps 🙂

Have a great weekend….. Michael