Hi, back to some planes on stamps. It is friday night so I decided to relax and look at an old album and I found these. On a FDC from 1984. From Jersey obviously!! from the Aviation History II issue in July of that year. The card inside the cover says ” today Jersey, after Heathrow and Gatwick, is the busiest in the British Isles with 400-500 aircraft movements in a day during peak periods” Now I don’t know about you but I would find that hard to believe today, or then for that matter. Anyway this issue was to celebrate 40 years of ICAO and Jersey celebrated (their word not mine) the occasion with this issue. And, seeing how I know you love my quiz questions, and some are too easy so something harder perhaps πŸ™‚ anyone know the answer to this one: what were the names of the first 7 De Havilland aircraft operated by Jersey airlines? One is shown on the 26p value stamp. πŸ™‚

I may give a prize πŸ™‚

have a great weekend ……… Michael