Hello, first an apology for not announcing the winner of the Malaysia Airlines A380 cover – from my competition ages ago – you all forgot and so did I, something about the time to fly a DC6 from Buenos Aires to New York compared to the Comet ( answer was with DC-6 : 26 hours and 15 minutes — with Comet : 11 hours and 10 minutes. Well done Jeroen from the Netherlands, and he also won my Olympic cover. No favourtisim here I just go by the rules I make when I announce the competition. Thanks for all your responses to the Olympic question last night. Since I wrote, Hong kong have won a bronze medal (cycling) How good is that. Well done team Hong Kong. Sadly, at last count, Australia were not doing too well, 1 gold, 😦 as I read the results, and Canada, no gold but a few silver and bronze. Keep reading. I may do another competition 🙂

Now for this cover tonight. You all know how grumpy I get when I see material I think is conning the collector. This is yet another example. A cover I could make on my computer right now. It has absolutely no philatelic or aviation merit what so ever. Have a careful look. Not even a real postage stamp, and called a First Day Cover. What a joke. The seller has been written about many times – in not such positive words either I might add, yet has over 20,000 sales to their name on that well know auction site. How do they do it? Con the collector is how. Whatever, I just wish collectors out there would appreciate the difference between the real thing and something they could produce on their own computer for a cent (the cost of paper and ink) rather than pay many dollars. Ok ranting over. Buyer beware. Of course if you want the real thing with photos of the crew – worth the cover just to get the pictures of the crew 🙂 surely 🙂 you know where to look don’t you. Or just look at the pictures 🙂 try this one Malaysia Airlines A380 Inaugural

Oh!!! and who can tell me how many aircraft Singapore Airline has LOL.. (check the picture carefully.. hint: there is no such airline)

have a great weekend………. Michael