Hello, I am back, well, as far as Singapore at the moment, and with time to write I thought I would show you three of many pictures from the Malaysia Airlines A380 inaugural. Look I only do this so you can get genuine flown first flight covers from inaugural A380 flights. These is no pleasure whatsoever in chatting up the crew. Someone has to do it and I do it for you 🙂 ok I am teasing.. it is a lot of fun especially as the crews are all such wonderful people, cabin crews and pilots. Anyway, great flight, wonderful crew, lovely config of the aircraft, and brilliant goodies bag. Lots of material on youtube from my colleagues who traveled as well. I will be showing more pictures over the coming week and also on my website when I get time to organise that.

These and others will of course be sent to you with certificate of authentication that the covers were carried. Well you can see they were. I got many signed by Cabin Crew and a few signed by the Pilots. If you want a flown first flight cover for your collection just email me for price, or read the web site in a week or two. For those of you who already reserved you will get first choice and I will write when I get back to Hong Kong next week. Oh and for the record apart from the two cover designs I carried and 5 postcards (in conjunction with my very dear friend and the cover designer Mark Wright) there were no other covers carried on the flight. When I see more listed on eBay I will let you know hahahahahahahaha

Have a great weekend …Michael