Hello, no sooner had I said ……..”not some envelope (with a stamp from some country that has never seen an A380) run through a printer with overprints of A380 logos………..” did I see this on an auction site. No description of course. well why would you need a description with this. If you collect envelopes with A380 logos on and with stamps from countries all around the world this is your material. Go for it. Lots of people buying this stuff. I use the word stuff with reserve. What am I to call it. It certainly has no aerophilatelic merit has it?

My next cover will be ……….. let me think… maybe I will get a friend to mail me some letters from, I know Macau.. I might even go myself, then when I get them back home I will run them through the computer with my Malaysia Airlines A380 overprints.. easy to do and sell them on an auction site. Macau to Malaysia Airlines A380 Kuala Lumpur to London. Actually I could go one better, I could actually carry it on the flight and then carry it on the boat across to Macau and back. Now would that be a cool cover. Land, sea and air. Perhaps a quick trip to Macau before the flight even. Must go take my pill

best wishes.. Michael