Hello, a Westland Wessex trimotor on this stamp from Guernsey tonight. This from a set of 5, it was issued in 1973 and looking at the catalogue it has a set value of just 1 GBP, mint, and same for a used set; and that is probably inflated by SG!!! Not much of an investment for nearly 40 year old stamps. Still, nice to add to my aviation collection I think.

FYI, if you are interested, I have decided to try Delcampe Auctions and have just listed 34 lots of GB Commemoratives (mostly 2000 and 2010 issues). All start at GBP 0.65 and that is with free postage. If you want to look you will find me at the usual name michaelatcddstamps. Enjoy looking

Have a great weekend … Michael