Hello, yes I am back. In Hong Kong again. Good to try all these different airlines sometimes and see the differences. And believe me, there are. From internet booking ease of use to check-in to the in flight service. One thing that does seem to be consistently good is the food. Oh, and the wine πŸ™‚ No complaints with the flat beds either and the new Cathay business class is really excellent. But to stamps. No flat beds in this aircraft, well I doubt it. I have never flown on one, a Fairchild Dornier 328-100, that is.

Nice MS I think, issued as the 11TH (yes seriously, are they desperate for issue themes or what!!) issue of their Aviation History series, this issue commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Jersey Airport. The theme of this MS is not really the plane as I understand it but the new Air Traffic Control Tower, opened in 2010.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed seeing this one. Anyone ever seen this stamp on a piece of mail. No I thought not πŸ™‚