Hello, tonight, two topics. One picking up my theme from last week when I said I would show you the seating in business class comparing BA. I have chosen China Southern.

Middle business class seating, 4 seats for BA, 2 for China Southern.

I accept the latter was an A380 versus a 777 on BA but even so, what a difference. See the size and comfort of the seating, especially room to put magazine or book, glasses, both wine and reading. Anyway enough of that .
The other theme is picking up from last night. Roosevelt.

Yes there are two Roosevelts as I am sure we all know. Franklin D and Theodore. Last nights stamp was in fact Theodore while the article was about Franklin. Here is a Franklin D Roosevelt stamp.
The competition was won by Jane from Canada. Well done and thanks again for reading my blog. There were many “firsts” for him it seems, as Jane told me many more than I knew. Although I have to be very honest, I was tired when I was writing and all the “firsts” I was thinking of, I now realise, applied the Theordore not Frankilin, yet I wrote Franklin. Yes I got my Roosevelts mixed up.
Hopefully don’t do that with our stamps.
Finally, I have been sorting envelopes of world mix that a friend in England gave me. All for my Children’s Corner, but I did come across quite a few stamps with aircraft on them so over the coming week I will be showing more aircraft on stamps. Hope you find time to read.
Best wishes …. Michael