Something I read recently. Thought I would share with you. The first President of the US to travel in an airplane on official business was Franklin D Roosevelt. This was in 1943 when he flew in the Boeing 314 Flying Boat Dixie Clipper to a meeting in Casablanca in North Africa to meet Winston Churchill.
FD Roosevelt had many “firsts” to his name. I can count 6 others, so it got me thinking of a competition. First email to with 3 of the “firsts” by Roosevelt will win a Hong Kong 100th Anniversary of Flight Miniature sheet. Please include your mailing address.
And for a few extra used Hong Kong stamps can you tell me who was the first American President to actually fly in a plane and who is shown on the stamp above (poor copy I know but just one I had lying around). This will get you thinking, maybe.

Lots of really interesting reading around these subjects if you have the time. It is the Easter weekend so perhaps you do.
Enjoy … Michel